The running coach’s story

Lewis knew all about coaching. As a former professional athlete who had represented Great Britain at international tournaments he had been coached all his life.

And his business was doing well. He had a number of athletes going through his programme. He was running Facebook ads to bring them to him and he was getting good at the sales calls to see if they wanted to sign up.

But he had taken it as far as he could.

He was working full time on the business. His wife was working part time on it too. And his two coaches were both at capacity as well.

He had a choice. Stay where he was (admittedly a pretty good place) or take things further.

We started by analysing everything the business did. How much time it took, whether each task was the best use of that person’s time and where the task fit in the grand scheme of the business.

This gave Lewis clarity on what he wanted to spend his time on. Less admin, less actual coaching and more speaking and leadership.

Then we looked at the finance – running a Profit First assessment on the business to see where the cash was flowing. We implemented a really simple system, a financial rhythm, to put money aside and then put together a projection showing where the business could be if he stuck to the plan.

And then we implemented the plan.

For Lewis to grow the business but still spend less time coaching he would need more staff. But hiring staff is a big increase in costs. The projections showed him when it was safe to hire and the cashflow management ensured that he had the money put aside to pay those staff members. Not just month to month but with a six month reserve.

“Since working with Baz I feel like I’m finally getting my house in order … I just didn’t know how to make that next step … I feel with Baz I’ve developed a really good working relationship, which is helping me to enjoy what I do and also helping to get my house in order. The system Baz uses is very simple, yet effective and I feel like I can reach out to him at any point should I need to.” Lewis Moses

The clarity and simplicity that came from getting an outside perspective gave Lewis the push he needed to drive his business forward. He knows what he wants his life to look like – financially and how he spends his time – and he’s well on the way to achieving it.

From confused to clear, from treading water to driving forwards.

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