The Pest Controller’s Story

“I’m working late every night – doing paperwork, admin, boring stuff. The technicians refuse to use any of the apps available because they’re so complex but I need to change the way we do things because it’s driving me into the ground”.

Sean was struggling.

So I sat down with him and we went through how the business worked. Then I met with the technicians and asked them to show me how they did things on each job. I asked them what they would want to see in the system we came up with. To say they were sceptical would be an understatement – but they were happy that they were being listened to.

And then I built a job management system for them. Enquiries get logged, assigned out and the technicians would then book the appointments. When on-site they would complete the work, photograph the results and generate a report that gets sent back to the office and to the client directly.

Which meant that Sean could concentrate on growing the business – hiring technicians around the country, so he could win bigger clients and work on national projects.

The technicians love it, the clients love it and Sean has his evenings back.

Quite frankly the system is brilliant, it has smoothed out the process freeing up more time for staff and myself whilst keeping clients up to date” – Sean McLean

From overworked to relaxed, from local to national.

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