The hypnotherapist’s story

Judith had had an amazing career. Corporate HR, coaching, NLP and now hypnotherapy. But it was time to change it up. She wanted less of the running around looking after other people and a simpler online business that could give her some of her own time back.

She had been running her own business alongside her corporate work for a couple of years. Plus she also managed a networking franchise, organising and looking after a number of business networking groups across the region.

It was all work she loved doing but it was tiring. She was putting in long hours but she felt that, financially, she was getting no rewards. And it certainly wasn’t the quiet life she had been looking forward to.

In fact, Judith was a helper. She loves to help people, no matter what was going on in her own life. And because of that she struggled to say no and put her own priorities first. Time after time, she laid out her plans and time after time they would get ignored and she rushed to someone else’s rescue.

We started with a Profit First assessment – a simple exercise that analysed where the cash in the business was flowing. The results were shocking – her business had been running at a substantial loss for months. She always knew it wasn’t doing well but the assessment gave her clarity and showed exactly where things were going wrong.

And the next stage was make progress on growing the business. Goals are boring but they give you a bit of clarity on where you need to get to. Even more importantly, we broke those goals down into tasks and laid those tasks into a roadmap.

And, with the plan in front of her, Judith got to work. My team checked in with her – “you said you would finish X this week, how did you do?” Knowing that phone call was coming every week forced Judith to prioritise her own business over the competing demands on her time.

And in less than three months, she had become profitable, cleared off a load of corporate work and dumped the networking franchise. Because she didn’t have time to do it all and needed the focus that an external accountability partner could give her.

“I’ve been working with Baz for a while now and I’m so excited about the changes his systems are making to my business. Profit First really works and takes so much stress out of every day things. Unbelievable ROI that you can really see” Judith Marples

From guilty to confident, from stressed to secure.

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