The Health & Safety Consultant’s Story

“The problem we have is lots of people do what we do. We need a way to get our customers to stay with us, to come back to us every year” Neil said. “And it needs to be simple because some of them can barely switch a computer on”

We analysed the business. We found why the customers were leaving. And we came up with a simple solution to make them stay.

Neil liked the plan and we went ahead.

A couple of months later and their system goes live.

Policy documents and training records online, with notifications if things are about to expire. Linking to their online courses as a cross-sell.

Risk assessments with a library of prebuilt control measures. A method statement builder.

And the next phase will include subcontractor management.

All presented incredibly simply, in a step by step manner that guides Neil’s clients through the process of staying compliant.

The clients love it, Neil loves it and the project has put their company ahead of the competition.

It’s perfect; some of our clients can’t even turn a computer on, but this makes things really easy for them. We used to have software like this but they just kept adding things making it really complicated – as this is ours we can keep everything under control and just the way my OCD likes it” – Neil Denning

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