The electrician’s story

Martin had been in business for a number of years. He’d been there and done that. He knew his stuff.

But things were just getting harder and harder. The staff he had were causing him issues. Quality control problems kept cropping up. Because Martin had to answer the phone, he kept getting broken off jobs. Or worse, missing enquiries. And the admin was taking more and more of his time.

No time for family. No savings. Instead of being the business he was proud to build, it had turned into a grind and a burden.

The first step was to understand where the problems were. And the biggest and most urgent headache was in the quality control. Complaints took up a lot of Martin’s time, time that could be better spent elsewhere. And of course, an unhappy customer was never going to leave a good review or bring in a fantastic referral.

The solution was simple – checklists. For each type of work, Martin drew up a quick checklist of how to do it properly. The basics were simple but we made sure that we added in the stuff that got forgotten – make sure the cables are tidied away, the floor is swept and so on. And we used Trello, incredibly simple software, so each job resulted in a card containing a checklist. The staff would pick up the card, tick items off and then move the card to the “completed” column.

The next stage was to deal with incoming enquiries. He hired someone to answer the phone and those enquiries went into Pipedrive, a CRM database. I put in a small automation that took a booking from Pipedrive and automatically created the Trello card for it. And then when the Trello card was completed, it told Pipedrive to move the job to the “to be invoiced” stage.

In other words, the most important loop within the business had been closed. From enquiry, through to delivery and back to invoicing. Automated and under control.

“The almost altruistic way you help people turn their businesses back into the joy they went into business for, rather than the chore they endure on a daily, weekly, monthly basis I find quite remarkable … I now feel confident I will be able to claim my life back, enjoy my family and not resent the beast I have build up … with your help I will finally become a business owner and no longer the least respected employee” Martin Day

From from stressed to secure, from overwhelmed to relaxed.

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