The Better Client Programme

Ever wanted to turn down the terrible clients, without getting sleepless nights because the work might dry up … even if you don’t know where to find the great clients?

The 10 week Better Client Programme is designed for software developers who currently have to deal with the bad clients; the ones who never pay on time, who insist on ridiculously short deadlines, who always batter you down on price.

You know that if you continue working for people like this, you’ll eventually have to close the business, because it’s sucking the life out of you. You never have the time to learn the newest technology, you’re falling behind on the latest trends and you will never, ever, get round to building your side project. Because these clients keep you on the grind-stone, they don’t appreciate the importance of elegant code, they don’t give you the time and space to build the right long-term solution to their problems.

The programme gives you the mechanisms and the confidence to turn down the bad clients, say no to those who treat you as just another cog in the machine. And shows you how to find the good clients, the ones who pay you what you’re worth, who trust your expertise and judgement and give you the time to work on the best solutions.

But it’s not a programme for everyone. It will only work for developers who take responsibility for their own actions, who want to improve their lives and believe in themselves and other people. It won’t work for anyone who is negative, dislikes others and has a fixed mindset.

If you think you’re a good candidate for the programme, applications are open now, on a strictly limited basis. You can book your time here.