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Making a plan

Making a plan is just step one.

It’s a step that too many of us don’t bother with. We have vague ideas about where we’re going – but they get easily forgotten as the day to day intrudes on our lives.

It’s a step that many of us, even if we do it, do it badly. We set ourselves targets and goals for twelve months away without a single thought as to how we’re going to get there.

But even if we’ve got a proper plan, showing us the actual steps we need to take and when we need to take them, we still need to get it done.

Sticking with it, making just a bit of progress every day, staying consistent – those things are essential if you want to get there.

So what’s your support network? How do you stay accountable?

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Is your business supporting you or are you supporting the business?

“Hmm, so actually it works out that I’m paying myself less than minimum wage. I could make more working in Primark. Looking at the numbers, it looks about right though. I guess this happens a lot?”

Yes it does.

And no it shouldn’t.

What’s the point of taking the risk of working for yourself? What’s the point of going without holiday pay and sick pay and a pension and IT support and a team around you to (supposedly) handle the stuff you don’t like doing?

You probably did it because you knew you could do it better. You probably did it because that team’s way of doing things wasn’t the best.

And you probably did it because you wanted some extra freedom and flexibility in your life.

But, if you’re not paying yourself enough, you’re actually replacing flexible hours with ⏰long⏰ hours.

So you’re missing out on two fronts.

That’s why I created the PDF Formula.

It’s designed to help you prioritise, design what your ideal life looks like and then put the finances in place to make it happen. It’s a proven system that has already worked for over 100,000 businesses around the world and I can guide you through it.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.