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Who is your ideal client?

Everyone has a type of client that they work best with. Sometimes we’re afraid to talk to them because we’re worried about scaring other people off.

But the world is a noisy place. To get noticed you need to focus.

If you were in a crowded car park and someone was yelling “hey” you might look round then move on. If they shouted “you in the green jacket” you might pay a bit more attention. But if they shout “Baz!” you’re going to think they’re talking to you (assuming you’re called Baz).

So don’t try to target “small business owners”. The US Small Business Association has companies up to $25m/year. In the U.K. a company with 249 employees is a small business.

That manufacturing firm with a factory and 150 employees is a very different place to the woman who works from her kitchen table who is very different to that family business with 45 subcontractors around the country.

All “small businesses”, very different problems.

If you want your potential clients to notice you, you need to be more specific. Understand who they are and what problem they actually have. Talk about that and they will feel like you’re yelling their name across that crowded car park.

So who is your ideal client?

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The Rollercoaster

Sometimes you have months that are amazing. The work goes well, the clients are great and the money flows in.

But that’s not the majority. Most months you’re very busy, the clients are a bit annoying and you do OK for money.

And then there are those “oh shit oh shit oh shit” months. Where you struggle and fight your way through and only just cover your bills.

It’s a common situation. The inconsistency. The unpredictability.

There are five steps to smoothing this over. So you can add some reliability and predictability to how your business works.

Attract a steady stream of potential new clients.

Prove why they should work with you.

Deliver projects quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

Put money aside to deal with the unexpected.

Stay consistent so your business becomes consistent.

None of this is complex. Each piece is a step by step process. Answer the right questions, do the right things, get results.

For my freelance software business, that result was £5k/month. Every month. Clients who appreciated the work I did and paid up reliably and consistently. So I always knew where I stood.

I’ve got some time available so let’s have a chat and see if we connect.