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Soft, squidgy, human brains


Soft, squidgy, human brains.

I find them fascinating.

Because they all work the same way yet we are so different.

For example, I hear lots of people say that “time-boxing” or “default diaries” are the best way to get things done. Need to make sure you do X every week? Block out a couple of hours every Monday in your diary. That way you’re bound to get it done.

Except I tried that and I got nothing done. I spoke to my coach about it; eventually we figured it out – I didn’t like being told what to do by my diary, by my past self. And my stubborn brain would refuse to do it.

Now I do myself a short list for the week and pick and choose what I want to do in the moment. That way, I feel like I’m in control, not being told. It’s weird but it’s what works for me.

Likewise, when you’re getting help in your business, whether that’s marketing, a VA, a coach, cashflow management (hint hint) or whatever, there are lots of people doing very similar things. But each one is going to have a different approach. You need to figure out which one is going to work for you.

And that’s why an entry-level product or service is so important. Give people a taste, so they can decide if you’re right for them.

So what’s your entry-level offer?

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Do you ever have episodes of crushing self-doubt?

I’m building a funnel for a new product I’m about to launch.

If you’re not aware, a funnel is basically a process, a system, for educating my target market about the service I offer – leading them from “I might have this particular problem“, to “this sounds like it might help“, ultimately ending with “shut up and take my money“.

The thing with this particular funnel is I deliberately barely mention the product until the final stage2. I don’t mention the price till after the final stage. But the funnel is failing just after stage one – I can easily find people who might have the problem, but they’re not coming through to “this might help”.

So my issue is long before the product becomes an issue, even longer before the price becomes an issue.

Yet despite that, my brain is screaming at me. “It’s because you want to charge to much. The product isn’t worth it. You’ll never get anyone to sign up at those prices“.

Know I know the product is worth it. I know that I can get people to sign up at that price. But why is my brain doing this?

It’s because pricing is intrinsically tied in to self-worth. It’s built on layers and layers, years and years of being told how good you are, of being told whether you can do something, of being told if you’re worth it.

Whether that’s being told by your parents, your friends or yourself.

Ultimately, your subconscious brain listens to all these messages and then chooses to act on them. It’s primary role is simple – it’s there to protect you. When someone moves to punch you, you flinch. You don’t think about it – your subconscious just steps in and acts, regardless of how much your conscious brain wants to ignore the punch.

And likewise, when my subconscious sees me setting a price that it believes to be too high, it wants to protect me. By mentally flinching. It’s saying “you’ll be humiliated if you set the price that high, so just back down now before it’s too late”.

Well, screw you subconscious.

I know this product works. I know this system works. I know it’s worth every penny of the investment my clients are going to make in it. If they pay less they won’t be as committed, and if they’re not committed they won’t get the results they need. This product is going to transform people’s lives, and I won’t let some prehistoric part of my brain stop that.

Because, frankly, I’m worth it.

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  1. Photo by Marat Gilyadzinov on Unsplash
  2. Quick tip – people don’t care about your product or your service. They only care if you can help them eradicate the problem that they have in their life. So starting your funnel with an in-depth description of your product or service is just going to put people off