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How to get new clients even if you’re quiet and shy

I used to think I was too shy and quiet to get clients. “Sales types” were all loud and brash and that’s just not me.

But attracting new clients isn’t about being an extrovert.

Your client has requirements and motivations.

Understand those requirements, show that you can handle them and the risks associated with them and then make them an offer that is worth their while. It doesn’t matter how shy you are.

So sales becomes a step by step process.

  • what do they want?
  • why do they want it?
  • how will we measure progress?
  • what impact will it have on their business?
  • what could go wrong?
  • what would be a fair price for the results were going to achieve?

Put all those things together and you’ve got a new client. No brash loudmouth in sight.

There’s always the unexpected. There’s always stuff that will take you by surprise. But the vast majority of what you need to build a reliable business is consistently following the right steps and ensuring you stick with it.

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Sick of freelancing?

It was the instability that was getting to me.

Clients ghosting me when I was following up.

Delayed start dates.

“Do this one cheap and there will be a whole load of work next year” Urg!

I was sick of it. Sick of chasing leads, sick of contacting leads, sick of dropping leads.

Sick of running out of cash.

I was having a series of FTMs.

Fuck This Moments.

Because working for yourself requires that not only are you technically skilled, but also you’re good at marketing, good at sales, good at finance and good at planning.

I was failing on all counts and I was jaded to say the least.

I clawed my way out of it by putting simple systems in place.

Marketing, sales, money, planning and actually delivering the work.

I call them the Five Pillars.

None of them complex. They just needed dealing with.

So if you’re having an FTM right now, remember there is a simple, easy to follow, way out of it.

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Getting paid

I used to worry about asking to get paid. I still do. There is (was?) some part of me that feels like a scumbag because I’m asking for money.

But it’s not actually like that. I realised that my clients WANT to give me money.

One client is struggling because their client can’t afford to pay them. But they are putting a plan in place to make sure I get paid. They want to pay me.

I’ve got a new client and I was holding off writing the contract because I thought they weren’t ready. He rang me up, interrupting me, and made me do it.

I had a coaching client and I was struggling to charge him because I was unsure if what I was doing was helping or not. He kept ringing me up reminding me to send him an invoice.

People WANT to pay you. They want to give you a fair rate. They trust you to do a good job and they know what that’s worth.

The clients who battle you on price – they don’t believe in you – and they’re invariably the cheapskates who never get what they want.

So don’t work for them.

You know you’re good at what you do. That’s why you dropped everything to work for yourself.

Find the clients who can see that. Find the clients who value what you do.

They’re out there. You just need to look in the right places.