Software Licences

Software Licensing

We use a number of different software packages to implement our services. The core ones are Pipedrive, Zapier and Drip. I’ve also built solutions using systems from AppSheet, Dropbox and Signable.

In order to simplify things for you, I will set up and handle all the billing for these disparate bits of software.

Everyone’s situation is different, but for most people, with 3 users taking the Sales Robot CRM package, you will pay £77/month for CRM and automation or £137/month if you require email workflows.


1 user1 – £33/month or £330/year

3 users – £99/month or £990/year

5 users – £165/month or £1650/year


Starter account – £23/month or £239/year

Professional account – £50/month or £450/year


Up to 100 subscribers – £FREE

Up to 2500 subscribers – £60/month

Up to 5000 subscribers – £100/month


1 These use the “Gold” level account where users have full email integration, can use standardised email templates and email tracking built in to their Pipedrive accounts

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