Mail Funnels

Spending too long staying in touch with leads, prospects and clients?

One of your prospects needs more information to help them decide which service is right for them.

Your brand new client keeps asking questions about what happens next.

And that new staff member keeps making basic mistakes.

Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in email.

It’s all boiler-plate, standard stuff, but you need to find the right words, send them out at the right time and deal with the responses.

And if you ask someone else to do it, they forget, or worse, they use subtly different wording which could lead to issues down the line.

What if you could automate that without losing the personal touch?

Imagine if, when you identified a new lead, you could send them a quick survey. And based on their responses, you could automatically send them information on the services that actually matter to them.

What if, when a prospect asked for a brochure, you could send them the details, then give them a call when they have read it. Or even better, if they haven’t read it, send them a reminder email, then give them a call a few days later to find out why. All automatically scheduled for you or your assistant.

When a new client signs up, it’s a cause for celebration. But clients have differing expectations. A carefully written and timed email sequence, drip fed over the course of a few days, can set those expectations, explain what you will do and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings further down the line.

Mail Funnels let you respond automatically whilst personalising what you send

We decide what you need to do, then I can build workflows that get triggered at various times. A flowchart for the tedious parts of your business.

Meaning you can take some of the standard boiler-plate stuff off your desk.

Get a robot to do it for you.

It’s what they’re good at. And it saves you time and headaches.

How does it work?

  • We have a call to discuss your needs and we design your workflows
  • I configure up to 3 workflows built to save you time. If needed, I’ll also set up a landing page for each workflow, so you can capture leads online
  • If you need help with the words, our copy-writing team can help out, either writing the initial emails or writing a regular newsletter to keep your leads, prospects and customers engaged

How much does it cost?

Mail Funnels costs £749 to set up, plus £100/month for licence fees and support.  If you need copywriting, that starts at £400.

It became apparent that Baz reflects on every project, even after completion, having at heart continuous improvement – Monika Czwerenko at AQR International

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What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is mailing list software. You might be familiar with Mailchimp? Well, ConvertKit is similar but much more powerful. You can design workflows that respond to various triggers and adapt what they send to people based upon their reactions.

What sort of things can you use it for?

A really simple example is I use it to send out “design session bookings” to people. I send out a Non-Disclosure Agreement to all my clients; when that has been signed, it automatically sends out an email asking them to book a time for our initial design session. If they don’t sign immediately, it sends out a reminder every couple of days. If they reply to the email, it automatically stops sending out reminders. And if they’re not interested, it asks if they’d like to read the Daily Robot before signing off.

Is this one of those horrible salesy spam email things?

No. You could use it that way, but the real advantage of ConvertKit is it lets you automate some of your standard communications, without losing the personal touch.

What if I don’t need three workflows?

I’m happy to build the first one for you, we can see how they work, then return to build the other two later on, when you’ve seen the possibilities and how it works. I just ask that it’s all done within three months.

Are the licence fees included?

Yes.  ConvertKit and Zapier fees are included, subject to usage levels.  Plus you can book support time to make changes to how things work at any time.  And there’s no fixed term contract.

You mentioned Zapier. What’s that all about?

ConvertKit handles all your emails and workflows. Zapier integrates it with your other software. So you may want to send a welcome sequence when a new customer buys a particular service. I can set up Zapier to receive the message from your site, Zapier then tells ConvertKit to send out the welcome emails. Or if someone responds to a particular email, we can update your CRM or tag them in your accounts package.


I’m not happy if you’re not happy. If you don’t want to proceed or aren’t happy with the outcomes just let me know and I’ll refund you 100%. Guaranteed.

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