The ClientRobot Programme

How to build a business that doesn’t leave you constantly overwhelmed, without having to become a slick sales person even if you’ve got no money and feel like a total introvert

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How to attract your ideal clients

Attract your ideal clients, without selling out, even if you know nothing about sales and marketing

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Profit First Cashflow Assessment

Making sure your business remains profitable throughout is vital to your success. Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz, is an incredibly simple system for ensuring that your business remains profitable and pays you a good salary. And the process starts with a Cashflow Assessment that shows you the health of your business.

As a Certified Profit First Professional, I am trained to teach and assist with the Profit First method.

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How to raise your rates

If you sell to other businesses, then making sure you get paid what you’re worth is one of the biggest headaches you can have. This free presentation details the simple process that I used to increase my rates ten fold.

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