Client Robot is the result of a revelation I had; sales isn’t about trying to persuade people to give you money. It’s all about finding out if you and your client are in sync.

If you do that, then both you and the client win, which is an amazing feeling.

So I built a process for myself so I could find out if I was in sync with people as quickly as possible. It worked really well so I thought I would help others do the same.

Client Robot is the result, and these are the things I can help you with.

Technical Adviser

If your business is not technical but you need to invest in technology, I can be your Interim Chief Technical Officer, representing you at meetings and offering advice when you need it.

Your Interim Chief Technical Officer currently costs £14999 – Learn more

Client Robot

Is your sales process not working as well as it should? Would you like more conversions and closed deals? Want more certainty in future sales? I’ll take a fresh, professional look at your current sales pipeline or pipelines. Then I’ll optimise them, refine them and, if you want, set up some software (Pipedrive, Zapier and Drip) to automate the process for you.

Book a design session starting at £1499 – Learn more

Mini Apps

Want your business in your pocket? Integrated across your company?

Mini Apps currently start at £749 – Learn more

Mail Funnels

Want personalised communications without the hassle?  Qualified leads?  A personalised newsletter that makes your customer feel like they’re the only one you’re thinking of?

Mail Funnels currently start at £749 – Learn more

Strategy Call

Want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction before taking some giant steps? Not sure how your sales process can be improved? This laser-focused video call helps you move forward and decide on your next steps.

A strategy call currently costs £149 – Learn more

Why your leads aren’t buying

This video explains what a sales pipeline is, why you need more than one, how to design them and why it’s all about you and your buyer being in sync.

Sales Pipeline Secrets currently costs £24 – Learn more

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