Business Essentials

Many of us work for ourselves in order to do what we love. But no-one ever took the time to teach us the essentials of running a business. So if you don’t know what your goals are, you’re not sure how to put together a marketing plan or you struggle with sales, you, and your business, are going to struggle. But help is at hand; this course, delivered over email, teaches you the essentials of running a business that works for you. The even better news is it’s pay-as-you-feel; so if you’re struggling, it’s completely free.

Click here to join: £free (with an optional donation)

Strategy Call

Is your business not giving you the life you want? Is it eating all your time but giving you no freedom. Is money a constant worry? If you feel overwhelmed, or you’re beginning to wish you could just go back to your day job, I’m happy to have a friendly chat and see if I can help. I’ve been there and have some simple steps you can take today to make things better. All it takes is a short call.

Click here to arrange a callback: £Free

Weekly Business Coaching

Are you working hard but just not getting the results? Getting distracted? Having trouble staying on track? The solution is simple, but not easy (at least not easy if you’re working on your own). Instead, we work together to define your goals for the next twelve weeks, put a plan in place and then we measure your progress. Holding you accountable and making sure you stick to the roadmap we’ve agreed. And with this extra focus, you can achieve more in 3 months than most people manage in a year.

Click here to arrange a callback: £100/month or £500 for 6 months

Email Marketing and Automation

Need help building your email list? Want to keep people engaged? With tailored emails and content just for them?

A recent survey showed that 76% of people prefer to receive their communications from companies over email. But the days of just adding “sign up to my newsletter” and blasting out a generic brochure every few weeks is over. Today, people expect something in return for their attention and want your content to be tailored specifically to them.

The right emails build trust which leads to more sales. And it doesn’t need to take up loads of your time.

Click here to arrange a callback: £749 strategy and implementation with an optional £349/month copywriting and management service.

CRM Design and Implementation

Is your business ready to move to the next level? Tracking enquiries on post-it notes? Or managing your work off spreadsheets? If you want to grow, the right system, designed specifically for your business will smooth the way.

Click here to arrange a callback: starting from £4999 depending on requirements