The Client Attraction Blueprint


You know how it goes.

“That sounds perfect … it’s exactly what we need” says the client excitedly, “I just need to talk it over with my business partner and then I’ll get back to you”.

A day passes and nothing.

A week.  Still nothing.

You send an email, no reply.
You give them a call – voicemail.

Everything seemed to  be going so well, and then this wall of silence.

Why does this keep happening? 

How come that initial enthusiasm doesn’t turn into action?

What is going wrong?

It should work like this – they say “that sounds perfect“.  They talk it over with their. business partner.  They come back to you a few days later, excitedly saying “we need this – how much will it cost and when you can you start?“.
You give them a price, they happily agree and you go on yet another client adventure.

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