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How to decide what’s worth your time

At some point, you need to start thinking about why you’re doing all this stuff. Because there will be dark times, when everything’s all a bit too much, when you will think about packing it in and keeping llamas on a mountain.

But, if you do figure out your purpose, it also guides you when you’ve got far too much to do.

If you know why you’re doing this stuff, you can design some simple questions.

In five years time, I want to be doing X and living like Y

So when someone offers you an exciting new opportunity, ask yourself:

Does this help me achieve X?

Does this move me towards Y?

Take action:: If the answer to either of those questions is no, then don’t do it.

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How to avoid wasting your time

So you’ve decided that you know what you want to focus on. The stuff that will make a massive difference for your business, that will push you forwards.

But then the phone rings and someone asks you for something.

Or you look at your to-do list and it’s thirty items long and you feel overwhelmed.

Or someone offers you an amazing new project that won’t pay for a few months but it’s going to change the world!

It’s these things that derail you.

Take action: say NO

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No plan survives contact with the enemy

By planning for tomorrow, I can deal with the stuff that changes, the things that get in the way of my overall goal.

I can roll with the punches.

But that’s not enough.

Every week, I look at my month’s goal and update the next week’s target.

Every month, I look at my quarter’s goal and update the next month’s target.

Every quarter, I look at my year’s goal and update the next quarter’s target.

You get the picture.

The reason plans fail is because they don’t reflect what’s actually happening in your life. So take action and revise them regularly, starting from tomorrow, moving to five years, because that way you can make sure the plan stays relevant. And you keep heading in the right direction.