How to make a difficult decision.

I’ve got a foolproof way to make a difficult decision.

The results it gets are phenomenal. I’ve never known it be wrong.

I’ve just used it myself, and, once again, it’s given me accurate answers.

The method is simple:

1) Focus on the question. Phrase it in such a way that it has a binary outcome: YES or NO. Give the question your full attention for at least 30 seconds. This question is important. The answer you seek is important. Make sure your mind is fully prepared for what it is about to experience.

2) Toss a coin – Heads is YES, Tails is NO.

3) Look at the coin. The coin is telling you YES or NO.

4) Feel your stomach. Your stomach is telling you whether the coin is right or wrong. And, right there, you have your answer.

You see what I mean? 100% Accuracy – every time.

Or do you have a better method?

Is your life going to plan?

The exposed brick, glass and aluminium riverside office. The two coders, the designer, the copywriter and of course her own office. The big name client. The big screen iMacs plus the iMac Pro for video editing. The photo of her with that guy who won the Apprentice.

She didn’t have any of it.

Four years in and she thought she would be further along. Not sat in the same back bedroom, on the same beaten up MacBook Pro, building the same crappy WordPress sites.

And, if anything, things were worse than when she started. Then she had spare time, she had cash to throw around and she had energy. Enthusiasm.

Now it’s just a slog. Every week the same. Long hours, no money, nothing on the horizon.

There must be a way to get back on track.

A way to pick herself up. A way to pick the business up.

Because she can not carry on like this much longer.

If you felt like that, how would you turn it around? What would your first step be?

It’s OK to fail

My friend Dom Hodgson is doing a talk “It’s OK to Fail” at BrightonSEO in April. Very timely given my current mood.

He’s just shown me his notes for it (as I’m involved in two of the failures – the advertising platform and the sweet shop) and it’s a fantastic talk.

If you’re an SEO Type, head down to Brighton and listen to what he’s got to say.

I’d probably count the advertising platform as my biggest failure – spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of someone else’s money with nothing tangible to show for it was a very hard time. The investors were pretty laid back but as soon as you take their money you lose control of your life.

What about you? What was your biggest failure?