Understanding your roadmap

The most important things, when looking at a map, are knowing where your destination is and where you are now.

Without “you are here” how can you plot your route to where you want to go?

If you need the same for your business I’m offering 2 hour Cashflow Assessments.

We look at the cash within your business (because while accounting profits are nice, nothing beats cash in the bank) and use that to design a plan, getting you, and the business, to where you need to be.

Because once the cash is flowing to the right places you can concentrate on freeing up your time and finding higher value clients.

If you’re interested, click here to book your time.

Judith said “it really works, giving a clear return on investment you can actually see”

Dealing with risk

The other day, on LinkedIn, I asked for a bit of help.

To be honest, I kind of knew what the answer was; I had mapped out the various possibilities and was pretty confident about which way to take things. I asked because I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed any possibilities.

But while I didn’t expect the number of responses I got, I did find something really interesting in there.

A big chunk of the responses were “you should go for it, follow your heart” with the odd “just do XYZ to cover yourself”. While a whole load of other responses were “we’re about to hit economic uncertainty, don’t take a chance, be careful”.

Because everyone has a different appetite for risk. For some people, playing it safe is the only choice. But others prefer to roll the dice and see what happens.

Which is why, when I’m writing a proposal for a potential client, I always give three options. Because I don’t know how they feel about risk.

So there’s a lower priced option that carries a bit of risk – normally variable pricing or fewer guarantees. A higher priced option that has little risk. And something sat in between.

So when a client complains about the price, you’ve probably misjudged their risk profile. Give them options and you might find they are perfectly happy.

Ask me anything!

If you don’t know me, I’m a Profit First Professional.

This is because I have worked for years as a software developer; as a freelancer, running an agency and doing the startup thing where I spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of other people’s money.

And throughout that time, I totally ran myself into the ground. Stupid long hours. Working on holiday. Never being fully present for my family. Nothing terrible happened but I wasn’t who I wanted to be.

So when I discovered Profit First it made a huge difference to my life. It rebalanced things and made me put the important stuff first. And when they asked if I wanted to work with them and guide others through the process, I jumped at the chance.

I hear, from friends, from connections, from women around the world, how there are structural barriers preventing them from being heard, from making progress, from making a difference. And it’s unfair and I kept thinking one day I’ll do something about that. Then I thought “screw one day, I can do something today”. So I choose to help women in tech build their own successful businesses and just bypass those barriers.

So that’s how I got here; I know tech and I’m in a position to make a difference.

What else would you like to know?