Find great clients

How often have you had the phone ring or seen an email come in and your heart has just sunk?

Oh no, not that client again … what are they going to yell about this time?

Whether it’s complaining about the work you’ve done, arguing over your invoices or just being generally unpleasant, we’ve all had clients who are, to be completely honest, total arseholes.

But they’re not all like that.

Some projects are just a dream. You get paid well for work that didn’t take you long to do and the client is not only grateful for the work you’ve done but you’re incredibly proud of it as well.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more of the dream clients and fewer of the arseholes?

It’s not actually that hard to do. You just need to evaluate your existing clients. Give them a score on a number of simple criteria – profitability, enjoyment, repeat business, referrability. And compare them to your Immutable Laws, the rules that your business will never break. Your values.

Once you’ve scored your clients, you’ll probably notice a pattern. The dreams all had stuff in common. The arseholes all had stuff in common. And once you know what you’re looking for you can track down more of the former and avoid the latter.

It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly powerful – leading you from anxious to calm, from stressed to secure.

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