EmailRobot 10 Week Implementation Plan

1 – Brand Analysis

This normally takes one or two hours and the aim is to ensure that I understand your brand, marketing and messaging. 

2 – Landing Page and Lead Magnet Design

We take what we learnt from your Brand Analysis and use it to outline your landing page and lead magnet. 

3 – Welcome Sequence Design

We add in an email sequence that welcomes people to your company, introduces them to the lead magnet and encourages them to visit your website

4 – Customer Interests and Lead Scoring

We understand what your customers are interested in and assign automations so we can categorise people based on their interactions with your website

5 – Abandoned Checkout Sequence

When a customer puts items into their basket but do not complete the purchase, we intervene and try to get them to return to your site

6 – Post-Purchase Sequence

After purchasing, introduce your new customer to your other services and show them how to get help

7 – High-Scoring Prospect Sequence

Sometimes, your customers are busy interacting with your website and your emails but not actually buying – we figure out who these people are and invite them to take advantage of special offers just for them

8 – Build and Implementation 

A week for our team to finalise the project and make sure all the technical details are working correctly

9 – Marketing Campaign Scheduling

We put together a marketing campaign for the next three months, using information from your brand analysis, to keep customers engaged and coming back for more

10 – System Review

We go through all the work done so far and ensure everything meets your requirements

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