Writer’s Block


When I was writing the copy for the website, two things came to mind.

Firstly, don’t write copy yourself. Hire a copywriter like those at the amazing Make your Copy Count to do it properly, as there’s a whole load of stuff you should know before you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).

Secondly, I wrote it all once and it was shit. The sales structure of it was right, but the messaging was completely wrong. Haphazard. All over the place.

I sat down and tried to correct it. And my mind went blank. It literally took weeks. I just couldn’t write what I wanted to say.

Then I went for a brief break with my wife. On the plane, I just started writing. But it wasn’t the copy for the website.

It was my company “avatar”. A detailed description of my perfect customer. I had her name, her family, who she worked with, her previous employment details. And her hopes and dreams.

Then, when I got home again, I fired up my favourite text editor (Ulysses if you’re wondering) and started writing. All I had to do was imagine that I was explaining things to her and it was easy.

Because, as Seth Godin once said, no-one ever gets “speaker’s block”.

Take action:  Who’s your ideal customer? Not target market – but who is he or she?

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