Why daily letters?


The big thing people are amazed about is that I write stuff daily.

You know what? It’s easy.

I used to write a technical blog post every week.

I used to do a fortnightly podcast about football.

I used to write a monthly update about football.

Daily is actually easier. In fact, of these, I would say the monthly one is hardest.

The reason is because they’re almost throw-away. If I screw one up, it doesn’t matter. Another will be along tomorrow.

If I write weekly or monthly, it has to be something worth reading. You’ve been waiting for days, for weeks, for these pearls of wisdom. How can I make it worth your while?

If I write daily, I only need to write two or three paragraphs. If I run out of ideas, I can just stop. And if I have lots to say, I can spread it out over several days.

Take action:  What’s your writing schedule? Is it working for you? If not, why not change it.

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