Robots are taking your jobs

Robots are taking your jobs

It’s the horror story of our time.

They’re getting cleverer and cleverer.

Their algorithms can influence our elections.

They can help each other through doors.

It won’t be long till we are redundant.

I’m from Nottingham. Home of Ned Ludd, and his group of Luddites.

It’s often thought that Luddites are “anti-technology”. That’s not true. Luddites were just worried that they would go hungry and were looking for a collective position that would let them negotiate new roles with their employers.

And it should be the same with automation. A robot – or even a piece of software – may mean the end of an administrator’s role. No more paper-shuffling, no more filing. But we all know that the best way to get sales, the best way to keep clients, is through the personal touch. All those people who aren’t wasting time on busywork can actually get out there and do something valuable.

Take action: What tedious stuff do your staff waste their time on? How can you eliminate it?

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