If there’s one thing that has changed about computers, it’s how they are much more “proactive” in our lives now.

In the olden days, the computer would sit on a desk somewhere, you would go over, check stuff, then leave it alone and that would be that.

Today, your computer, your tablet, your phone, your watch, even your room (if you have a voice assistant device) can chirp up at any time, letting you know that something needs or wants your attention.

Except most of the time, it doesn’t need your attention. It’s just a distraction.

So turn it off.

Take Action: Most devices have an option in their settings to choose which notifications are allowed. Go through all your apps and decide if you really need notifying immediately, or if it can wait till you take a look. Then, figure out how to use your device’s “do not disturb” mode and switch that on when you really need to get things done

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