Do you know what your revenue is going to be in three months time?

Do you know what your revenue is going to be in three months time?

So I came up with a sales process. It made me more confident and boosted my business, without feeling like I was being a slime-ball. In fact, I feel better about my clients, because I know I can help them now. If you’d like to read more about how that happened, take a look here.

One of the questions I can now answer is “do I know what my revenue is going to be in three months time?”

One of the things a sales pipeline does for you is add certainty to your business. Each lead moves along the pipeline, through various stages – and if you track things correctly, then you can gather statistics on how you are doing.

Once you have some of these statistics, you can make some amazing predictions.

For example, if you know that 5% of the leads you receive turn into buyers, you know that the average selling price is £500 and you know the average sales cycle is 2 months … if you get 100 leads in August, you are going to make £2500 in October.

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