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Who is your client?

If you know who your client is you can find out where they are.

If you find out where they are you can learn what their problems are.

If you know what their problems are you can understand how much they will pay to have those problems fixed.

If you know what the solutions they will pay for are then you can design your offer, be certain that there is demand for it and know exactly what to say to your clients to get them interested.

If you know those three things you will build a reliable, consistent business.

Step by step

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How to get new clients even if you’re quiet and shy

I used to think I was too shy and quiet to get clients. “Sales types” were all loud and brash and that’s just not me.

But attracting new clients isn’t about being an extrovert.

Your client has requirements and motivations.

Understand those requirements, show that you can handle them and the risks associated with them and then make them an offer that is worth their while. It doesn’t matter how shy you are.

So sales becomes a step by step process.

  • what do they want?
  • why do they want it?
  • how will we measure progress?
  • what impact will it have on their business?
  • what could go wrong?
  • what would be a fair price for the results were going to achieve?

Put all those things together and you’ve got a new client. No brash loudmouth in sight.

There’s always the unexpected. There’s always stuff that will take you by surprise. But the vast majority of what you need to build a reliable business is consistently following the right steps and ensuring you stick with it.

Download the free “Client Attraction Blueprint” to find out more.

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It’s not rocket science

It’s not rocket science what I do.

In fact it’s pretty simple.

If your income is a rollercoaster with the occasional £6k month (amazing) but you generally struggle by on £2k months (oh shit oh shit oh shit) I can help you smooth those out.

So you get to a more consistent £5k per month.

And how do I do that?

There are five areas that every business needs to get right. Acquisition, conversion, delivery, cash and design. AC/DC/D. And I have questions in each area I’d like you to answer. You can then use those answers to build new routines, new habits to follow. Those routines get your business to where you want to go.

I’ll even tell you what all the questions are – I’ve got nothing to hide.

You can download the programme outline, read the questions and come to your own conclusions. Either it’s not for you, you will do it yourself or you’ll pay me to help you through it. Any of those options are good with me. The first means we’re probably not a good fit. The second is great because I live my best life by helping others. And the third is good because you make fast progress and I get to eat.

If you want to pay me, it costs £3000 for the guided programme and a year of accountability and support.

If you’re interested, get started by downloading the programme outline for free.