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Looking at the numbers

Do you like numbers?

Personally I’m not really that interested.

But they can be useful.

I’ve just put together a projection for a personal trainer, showing how he can get to his goal of £6000/month take-home.

He puts in how many clients he expects to have each month and it tells him how much he is likely to be spending on wages, how much he needs to set aside to cover tax and how much he can afford to pay himself. On his current structure and growth rate, he’ll get to paying himself £5300 per month in February 2022, but no higher.

That shows him, quite clearly, that he’s going to have to raise his prices at some point.


I went through and redesigned the dashboard for my business last week. I put my figures from March onwards into the new format, and got the graph below. It shows a correlation between the number of conversations I have (meetings, one-to-ones, LinkedIn messages) – the blue line – and the number of clients I have – the purple dotted line.

That shows me, quite clearly, that I need to start conversations with more people.

So knowing the numbers might not be exciting but it can give real clarity and show you what to do next.

Which numbers do you track and what do they tell you?

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Where you can hear me speak

It’s all very well reading someone’s posts, but there’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice.

I’m lucky enough to have been invited on to a number of podcasts over the last few months.

The Business of Freelancing

Profit without Worry

Podcasts for Business

Mary Stewart (video)

And if you’d like to hear my voice directly – drop me a message and we’ll have a one-to-one. I’d love to find out more about what you do.

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The secret to running a successful business

Do you want to know the secret of running a successful business?

The thing so many of us have been searching for?

The key to profitability, which in turn is the key to your business giving you the life you really want?

The business needs to bring in more money than it spends.

That’s all it takes. Get that right and everything else falls into place.

Except, figuring out how to do that can sometimes be tricky.

There are two aspects.

Increasing much you bring in.

And controlling how much you spend.

Usually we concentrate on the first one without thinking about the second but that’s often where the quick wins can be made. In many cases I can help you improve your financial position by 5-10% in just an hour.

If you’d like to know how, I do a 1 hour Instant Assessment and Profitability Plan for just £99