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I went on a networking event with Simon on the Streets, a local charity that helps the homeless.

The presentation was by Tim Collins and he was speaking about the power of music – and how we don’t use it enough in business.

As a failed musician myself (I was supposed to be releasing bossa nova albums under a pseudonym whilst playing low key gigs in a thrash metal band at this point in my career) I completely agree.

Music is about communicating emotions, in a way that words alone can’t convey. And we can use that to express ourselves – especially as when you work for yourself, your business is basically an expression of you anyway.

So, as I write this, this is what’s going through my head write now. I think it’s quite apt.

“Some things you have to pay for, some things you get for free. It doesn’t cost a fortune when the fortune pays for me” – Black Limousine

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Where you can hear me speak

It’s all very well reading someone’s posts, but there’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice.

I’m lucky enough to have been invited on to a number of podcasts over the last few months.

The Business of Freelancing

Profit without Worry

Podcasts for Business

Mary Stewart (video)

And if you’d like to hear my voice directly – drop me a message and we’ll have a one-to-one. I’d love to find out more about what you do.