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How do you make sure you get results?

Learning new stuff and making plans is all very well. They are two essential aspects of getting your business where you want it to be, of building a reliable business that brings in consistent income and supports the life you want to lead.

But learning and planning aren’t enough.

You can learn all the new stuff in the world, you can write the perfect plan, but if you actually want to get there, you need to do it.

And, for me, the best way to do it is to have someone holding me accountable.

Knowing that I’ve got to report back to someone else and let them know why I’ve not done what I had promised myself, let them know why I’ve altered the plan again, that keeps me in check.

So I can show you the exact way my programmes work; the questions I ask you, the plans I want you to write. The first one – the Client Attraction Blueprint – is a free download in the comments.

Because that’s not the valuable part.

The valuable part is when you report back to me; every day at first, every week as we progress. You can message me, you can call me, when you need help to stay on track.

The learning and planning are step one. But getting results is what it’s all about.

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It’s not rocket science

It’s not rocket science what I do.

In fact it’s pretty simple.

If your income is a rollercoaster with the occasional £6k month (amazing) but you generally struggle by on £2k months (oh shit oh shit oh shit) I can help you smooth those out.

So you get to a more consistent £5k per month.

And how do I do that?

There are five areas that every business needs to get right. Acquisition, conversion, delivery, cash and design. AC/DC/D. And I have questions in each area I’d like you to answer. You can then use those answers to build new routines, new habits to follow. Those routines get your business to where you want to go.

I’ll even tell you what all the questions are – I’ve got nothing to hide.

You can download the programme outline, read the questions and come to your own conclusions. Either it’s not for you, you will do it yourself or you’ll pay me to help you through it. Any of those options are good with me. The first means we’re probably not a good fit. The second is great because I live my best life by helping others. And the third is good because you make fast progress and I get to eat.

If you want to pay me, it costs £3000 for the guided programme and a year of accountability and support.

If you’re interested, get started by downloading the programme outline for free.

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The Five Pillars

There was a point when I realised “shit I’m going to have to learn how to do sales”

There was a point when I realised “shit I’m going to have to figure out marketing”

There was a point when I looked at my bank accounts and thought “shit I need to get better with money”

And there were many many points when I thought “balls to this, I can’t cope with running a business”.

None of those were about my core skills – I had a software business and I wrote fantastic, reliable and effective web-apps.

But if I wanted it to be a business, a reliable consistent income for me and my family in the years ahead, I had to figure out those other bits, the stuff I had shied away from.

Turns out it wasn’t that difficult.

As a programmer, it was just a case of taking the best advice, figuring out the algorithm and applying it to myself and my team.

So if you’re at that stage, where you’ve had enough of the rollercoaster and want your business to bring in a consistent, reliable £5k/month, message me and we’ll figure out the system for your business and start putting it into action.