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I went on a networking event with Simon on the Streets, a local charity that helps the homeless.

The presentation was by Tim Collins and he was speaking about the power of music – and how we don’t use it enough in business.

As a failed musician myself (I was supposed to be releasing bossa nova albums under a pseudonym whilst playing low key gigs in a thrash metal band at this point in my career) I completely agree.

Music is about communicating emotions, in a way that words alone can’t convey. And we can use that to express ourselves – especially as when you work for yourself, your business is basically an expression of you anyway.

So, as I write this, this is what’s going through my head write now. I think it’s quite apt.

“Some things you have to pay for, some things you get for free. It doesn’t cost a fortune when the fortune pays for me” – Black Limousine

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Looking at the numbers

Do you like numbers?

Personally I’m not really that interested.

But they can be useful.

I’ve just put together a projection for a personal trainer, showing how he can get to his goal of £6000/month take-home.

He puts in how many clients he expects to have each month and it tells him how much he is likely to be spending on wages, how much he needs to set aside to cover tax and how much he can afford to pay himself. On his current structure and growth rate, he’ll get to paying himself £5300 per month in February 2022, but no higher.

That shows him, quite clearly, that he’s going to have to raise his prices at some point.


I went through and redesigned the dashboard for my business last week. I put my figures from March onwards into the new format, and got the graph below. It shows a correlation between the number of conversations I have (meetings, one-to-ones, LinkedIn messages) – the blue line – and the number of clients I have – the purple dotted line.

That shows me, quite clearly, that I need to start conversations with more people.

So knowing the numbers might not be exciting but it can give real clarity and show you what to do next.

Which numbers do you track and what do they tell you?