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The Rails Way

I started my business all the way back in 2007. I was a Ruby on Rails developer.

At that time, Rails was a very opinionated tool. It told you how to organise your files, your database, and if you wanted to do something different it made things very hard for you.

We used to talk about “The Rails Way”.

There was a saying “if it’s hard to do then you’re doing it wrong”

Rails changed – version three was basically a total rewrite which was significantly more modular – and the rails way dropped out of favour.

But there’s something about “if it’s hard to do you’re doing it wrong” I keep coming back to.

You don’t procrastinate over the stuff you love to do. You dive straight in and get on with it. You get in the flow, time becomes meaningless and you love what you’re creating.

Maybe it doesn’t apply to the employed, but for those of us who work for ourselves, why does it have to be hard to do? Maybe we’re just doing it wrong.

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You are an expert

In the olden days there used to be this guy called Don Howe. I knew him as the guy who did the post-match analysis of the football on the TV but he had been a very successful coach and manager before that.

I was always dumbfounded by his analysis.

Today you hear the pundits talking about parking the bus, tika taka and gegenpresses.

Don Howe’s analysis was “the full back has tackled the winger and then passed the ball to the central midfielder”. “The goalkeeper has made a save and then kicked it long upfield”. “The striker has hit the ball with his head and it’s gone in the net”.

Remember this was an incredibly successful football manager – and his level of analysis was basically stating the obvious.

But the thing is there were people who needed that level of analysis – footballers don’t have the reputation for being the brightest, certainly not back in those days.

So the fact that you might not be up to date with the latest and greatest, the fact that you don’t know the prime jargon – it doesn’t matter. There are people who need what you do, described in the terms you describe it – because the latest and greatest just bamboozles them.

You only need to be one day ahead of them to be their expert.

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Where you can hear me speak

It’s all very well reading someone’s posts, but there’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice.

I’m lucky enough to have been invited on to a number of podcasts over the last few months.

The Business of Freelancing

Profit without Worry

Podcasts for Business

Mary Stewart (video)

And if you’d like to hear my voice directly – drop me a message and we’ll have a one-to-one. I’d love to find out more about what you do.