Get a free Business Efficiency Plan

It often happens that, when we’re running our businesses, things get done the way they’ve always been done just because we’ve never had chance to come up with a better way. 

So we end up wasting time and money – time that we should be spending on the stuff that matters, money that should be going to improving our business profitability. 
Why spend hours researching CRM systems, software solutions and automation apps? Melting your brain with tech talk and digital drivel. Filtering out the functions you actually need from all the frills and fluff.
If you’d like to get your business running like clockwork, I can offer you an entirely free Business Efficiency consultation. 
You tell me about your business, the areas where you think you’d like to make improvements and I apply my expertise and put together a plan for you to make things run better. 
The end result is you know exactly what you need to do to get a more efficient and profitable business. 
I’m offering this for free because my business is all about efficiency; I’m an efficiency consultant
I create software, I automate things, I eliminate bottlenecks and I increase profitability. Getting this stuff right makes me very happy. 
But I know what you’re thinking – this is just going to be some sales sleaze tactic. 
Well, firstly, I hate sales sleazes as much as anyone. I promise not to pester you or harangue you or put any pressure on you whatsoever. In fact, if you think that I’ve wasted as much as one minute of your time, let me know and I will personally pay for you to have a year’s access to the best small-business CRM software there is, Pipedrive.
However, the stuff I do only really works with consultancy-style businesses; service-based companies, with up to 10 employees, long sales cycles and complex client requirements. 
If that sounds like you, then fill out the application form, letting me know a bit about your organisation and what you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll do some research and we’ll set up a time to go through it all together. 
Does that sound good to you?