Affiliate Scheme

Are you looking to make a bit of extra regular income? I offer an affiliate scheme for introductions to people who become my clients. It pays out a monthly fee for as long as the client remains with me.

If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Who am I looking for?

The programme works for any business that deals with other businesses (B2B).  

But, given my background in software, the sweet spot is technology firms, such as software development, web design and digital marketing agencies, generally around 3-4 years old.  The founder tends to be technical and, through growth and success, has ended up with a couple of employees, as well as some regular freelancers.  However, while she’s great at her job, she’s not an expert in business or finance, nor does she enjoy marketing or hunting for new clients.  

How does the programme work?

It works in three phases – Financial, Design and Process.  

The financial phase ensures that the business has solid foundations to ensure sustainable growth.

The design phase targets high-value clients; who are they, where are they and what are they looking for?

The process phase results in an easy to follow sales system. We implement a database that guides you through that process, pre-filled with new targeted leads for you to get in touch with every quarter.  

This means that the business becomes financially resilient and has a sustainable growth plan, targeting and winning new, high-value, clients, without having to chase after them.

It’s delivered as one-to-one coaching and accountability calls over Zoom.  The client can expect results in less than 12 weeks, and the programme can last for as long as they continue to see the benefits.

What can I earn from this?

Between £50-£300/month depending on which level the client goes for – this is ongoing for as long as they remain a client.  Clients have a 3 week money-back guarantee, so the first payout is after a month. Payout is via bank transfer in the UK, Paypal internationally.

What do I need to do?

Look out for the potential triggers, listed below, ask if they’d like a chat with someone who could help, and, if they’re happy to do so, make an introduction to me – either by email ( or on LinkedIn

What are the triggers?

  • She’s always working evenings and weekends
  • She takes her laptop on holiday
  • She worries about paying her tax bill
  • She worries about finding new clients
  • She complains about clients always changing their minds
  • She complains about clients that question every invoice

If you know anyone that could fit these criteria, then please introduce them to me and, if they become a client of mine, you could be making a regular income from it. It’s a win/win/win situation!