Had a rough 2018? Want 2019 to be different?

Have you found it hard going? Don't know where to find your customers? How to get them to choose you over the competition? Or how to get them to stay?  

Shouldn't 2019 be the year when it all comes together? You finally kick-start your business. Earn a decent wage. And spend some time with the family. Safe in the knowledge that your business is working for you.  

All of this is possible if follow some really simple steps. They don't take long to apply and can help you attract the right customers, who pay on time and become your loyal fans.  

Business Essentials offers 14 valuable insights on running your own business, learnt over many years as a small business owner.  

Things no-one else tells you.  

Not "how to select a bank account" or "how to choose an accountant".  

But "how to keep going when the going gets tough", "how to make sure your business gives you the life you want", "how to get the right customers who willingly want to pay you a decent amount of money".  

You will learn: * Why you want to run a business * How to figure out your purpose in life * The importance of profit (and why profit doesn't equal greed) * How to find your customers * What needs to go into a marketing plan * How to spread the word * Why sales isn't a dirty word * What you need to know to scale your business * The importance of after-care and repeat business * The psychology of pricing * Why data is your secret weapon * Setting meaningful targets and goals * Pulling the lever for incredible growth * Your brand new business plan  

None of this is rocket science. In fact, it's easy to do.  

Even better, the course is "pay-as-you-feel". I believe the course contents are vital to running a successful business. And it's stuff that most people are never taught. So if you're struggling, if your business is causing you real stress, you can have the entire course for free.  

Rahoul Baruah (Baz)

Who am I?  

I'm Baz and I've run my own business for 11 years, starting out as a software developer, who knew nothing about business. But over the years, I've learnt from my mistakes and moved from being a technician to running a business that works for me. I know about CRM systems, email marketing and sales processes, I know how the right sales funnel is vital to your business. But I'm not a sales guy; in fact I hate those slimy sales people. And because of the journey I've been on, I feel like I'm perfectly placed to help others take the same steps. In fact, that's what I love - helping small business owners who feel stuck move forwards.  

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