Fixed price, no-frills, custom-built business software

Move your services online

so your clients and staff can access them no matter where they are

Are you at a crossroads in your business, where you need to move your services online to deal with our ever-changing world?

Are you at the point where you need to adapt and embrace technology in order to survive, compete and grow?

Are you worried that this is going to need a massive, ever-growing injection of capital that is just beyond you?

The world around us has changed

The way we work, the way we communicate – pretty much everything is totally different to how it was just a few short months ago. 

Which means the way our businesses work also has to change. 

ClientRobot can help you make that transition in a cost-effective, focussed and responsive way.  Giving you the roadmap to get you to where you need to be. 

I’ve been building commercial software projects for businesses for over 20 years – from one-man bands to complex order-processing and billing systems for nationals and multi-nationals. 

I understand the dilemma that you’re facing and I can help. 

What do you get?

A three- month software development project to build a prototype no-frills web-application and database to your exact specifications. The technology will be built into your business so that your clients can access with ease and use it anywhere where they have internet access.

By the end of three months you will either be able to use this system as your end solution or repurpose it as a prototype for a fully costed final product

The Problem

The trouble with software is that it is intangible.

Describing what you want seems simple but making it a reality can turn out to be complex and unattainable which is one major reason why IT projects always go over budget and are delivered late.

The Dream

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fully agreed, costed and managed project which has clear aims and objectives? A project that leads to the delivery of your specifications on-time and on-budget?

And, before you even begin, wouldn’t it be useful to have a feasibility study – planning out the road-map and setting the goals. That way, if the project is unachievable then you can withdraw before we begin, no cost incurred.

The Fix

When you’re building a house, you hire an architect who does the complex feasibility studies, the intricate design work and makes sure the project can be delivered for a sensible budget. Then you give those blueprints to a builder who does the construction.

When you’re building complex and functional software, it makes sense to build a prototype for exactly the same reasons. Once the prototype is built it will stand alone as a fully functioning asset to your business. It will deliver what it set out to, with no frills and no expensive add-ons. All the must-haves in the system, none of the could-haves.

Maybe that’s enough and you use the prototype as-is. Or maybe you hand this blueprint over to an agency who actually builds a more sophisticated and polished product.

The prototype won’t be fancy and it won’t be flash. Don’t expect any awards for incredible graphic design.

But the prototype will work and it will take your business forward.

The Process

We have a Zoom call and talk through what you’re looking for.

By the end of the meeting I will establish the outcomes you’re looking for, how we’re going to measure progress and what the risks are. Plus, more fundamentally, whether it’s realistic to build a useful prototype in three months.

During the development and construction phase we will use project software called Basecamp. Every time I need something from you, Basecamp will email you; you can either reply to the email or log in to see what I’ve been up to.

Every time a piece of work is completed, I will produce a short video, showing that feature in action, as well as publishing it for you to take a look at and play around with.

And at least once per month we will have a Zoom call to review the latest progress on the system.

The Price

Payment is £8000 upfront by bank transfer, direct debit or card payment, or we can do three monthly payments of £2850. No work is started until payment is received and prices exclude VAT. Further development work outside of this framework can be agreed at the end of the project.

10% of my company profit goes to Simon on the Streets, a charity that helps look after the homeless.

What do I do next?


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