Say no to hustle!

You don't need to sacrifice your best life at the altar of work

Stop working weekends, take control of your time and build a business that works for you. 

Because it doesn't have to be that way - you can build a successful business without working yourself into the ground

The PDF Formula

This is a one-to-one programme that grabs your business by the scruff of the neck and reshapes it into something that supports you, instead of eating into your time and causing you headaches every day. 

Using the Profit First method, we first put Profit into your business. Because once you have rock-solid financial foundations, it gives you the freedom to make the other changes you need. Then we Design a plan for your business so it starts to work for you and gives you a better Future.  

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The PDF Formula
Rahoul Baruah (Baz)

Baz (Rahoul Baruah) Owner

I believe: 

  • people are amazing
  • small business is better than big business
  • the right system can transform your life

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my clients say about the systems I've put in place for them:  

"I've been working with Baz for a while now and I'm so excited about the changes his systems are making to my business. Profit First really works and takes so much stress out of every day things. Unbelievable ROI that you can really see"

Judith Marples, Successemy

"We now track all our incoming enquiries, ensure that they are followed-up with, and record whether it becomes a sale ... [this] has resulted in a £30000 boost to our sales in just a few weeks."  

Carl Walsh, the Bed Guru  

"Quite frankly, it is brilliant, freeing up more time for staff and myself, whilst keeping clients up to date"  

Sean Mclean, Key West Pest Control

As featured on The Marketing Funnel Show and Great Yorkshire Radio's Podcasts for Business


I am a certified Profit First Professional, meaning I am trained to help you manage your cashflow and build a business that gives you the life you want. 

I've been featured on "Profit without Worry" and Great Yorkshire Radio's Podcasts for Business

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