I'm Baz. I help founders get their technology business ready for investors

Nathan Thomas of Coded4 said “I’d like to give a shoutout to Baz for taking the time to help me plan and organise a strategy … He’s definitely the man with the plan … how to make more profit and become a more effective business”

You’ve got the product.

The business is growing.

You’ve had some early-stage investment but now you need to put some solid foundations in to handle the growth that’s about to hit.

Because every time you do a new version, your heart skips a beat. Will this update work, or will it cause another outage?

Freelancers and agencies got you so far, but your next few hires are going to be the most important that you’ve ever made.

And you can’t afford to get it wrong, when the second stage investors are watching.

You need someone to help you build the best team. To hold things together, technically, while that team beds in.

That could be me.

John Leach of Brightbox Systems said “Baz couldn’t be better if he pooped diamonds and was made of pizza”

And Monika Cwzerenko of AQR International said I “reflect on every project … having at heart continuous improvement”

Running a business shouldn't be All Work, No Pay

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Who am I?

Rahoul Baruah

I’m Baz and over the last fifteen years I’ve been a freelance web developer, an agency owner and a startup founder.  

I’ve made a name for myself rescuing Ruby on Rails projects that have gone wrong.  

I know technology, but I also know that the point of your business is to turn code into money.  

If that’s what your business needs to do, then we should talk.


The small print:

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