I'm Baz. I help solo consultants earn more money in fewer hours for better clients.

Hourly billing is killing you ... stop selling time for money

Martin Day said “The almost altruistic way you help people turn their businesses back into the joy they went into business for, rather than the chore they endure on a daily, weekly, monthly basis I find quite remarkable … I now feel confident I will be able to claim my life back, enjoy my family and not resent the beast I have build up … with your help I will finally become a business owner and no longer the least respected employee”

Here’s the sales pitch…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of never being able to plan your days because a client drops a last-minute urgent change request on you
  • You find your clients very demanding, often micro-managing how the work proceeds
  • You’re never quite sure where your next client is going to come from
  • You worry about being competing against freelancers who can afford to charge $10/hour?
  • The business you have looks nothing like the business you dreamt of when you started out

Hourly billing is killing you.  It’s bad for you.  And it’s bad for your clients.  

When you stop selling time for money you can:

  • escape the chaotic days and constant fire-fighting that comes with being hired help working on the clock
  • avoid the clients who micro-manage you
  • make competition from Upwork and Fiverr completely irrelevant
  • cheerfully raise your rates knowing that clients will happily pay for your expertise


Because you’re redefining your relationship with your client.  

You’re not just the hired help, punching the clock, there to do as you’re told.  You become the independent consultant, the trusted adviser, the go-to expert in your field.  

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Nathan Thomas said “I’d like to give a shoutout to Baz for taking the time to help me plan and organise a strategy … He’s definitely the man with the plan … how to make more profit and become a more effective business”

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Who am I?

Rahoul Baruah

I’m Baz and over the last fifteen years I’ve been a freelance web developer, an agency owner and a startup founder.  

My aim is to help consultants and freelancers redefine the relationship they have with their clients.  

We often believe clients hold all the power when in fact, a successful outcome depends on us, the freelancer, being treated as an expert adviser.  

So we escape the never-ending change requests, endless proposal writing and demanding clients.  And we get to work fewer hours whilst charging more and delivering even better results for our ideal clients.  

The small print:

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