Web developers - take control of your days and reject the constant fire-fighting, never-ending change requests and demanding clients...

Stop selling time for money

  • Are you tired of never being able to plan your days because a client drops a last-minute urgent change request on you?
  • Do you find your clients very demanding, often micro-managing how the work proceeds?
  • Are you never quite sure where your next client is going to come from?
  • Do you worry about being competing against freelancers who can afford to charge $10/hour?
  • Are you are ready to build the business you dreamed of all those years ago?
I show web developers; whether freelancers or the owners of small agencies, how to step out from under the thumb of inconsiderate, demanding and rude clients.  And instead, redefine their business as a specialist consultancy.  The go to expert in their field. If you know that specialisation will allow you to concentrate on quick and efficient delivery – whilst also making it easier to attract high quality, high paying clients – and if you’re ready to spend your time doing things the right way, bringing the joy back into your work, then you should choose a time to speak to me.

Martin Day said “The almost altruistic way you help people turn their businesses back into the joy they went into business for, rather than the chore they endure on a daily, weekly, monthly basis I find quite remarkable … I now feel confident I will be able to claim my life back, enjoy my family and not resent the beast I have build up … with your help I will finally become a business owner and no longer the least respected employee”

Choose a time to speak to me

Are you ready to reject deadbeat clients, to take a stand against customers who constantly gripe and push back against every one of your suggestions?  

Do you feel like your expertise has gone unrewarded for long enough and now is the time to step up and position yourself as the expert that your clients have been looking for?

If you know that you deserve better and are ready to make it happen, then you need to speak to someone who knows how to implement the expert consultancy approach into a web development agency.  

It’s time to speak to me.  

Use the button to pick a time and if you’re a good fit, you could be getting started later today.  

Who am I?

Rahoul Baruah

I’m Baz and over the last fifteen years I’ve been a freelance web developer, an agency owner and a startup founder.  

My aim is to show web developers that they are true experts, trusted advisers and consultants who transform their clients’ businesses.  

They shouldn’t be dictated to on how to implement technical solutions.  They shouldn’t be wading through change requests every morning.  And they should definitely be charging a fair price for their expertise.   

Nathan Thomas said “I’d like to give a shoutout to Baz for taking the time to help me plan and organise a strategy … He’s definitely the man with the plan … how to make more profit and become a more effective business”

The small print:

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