Escape the anxiety and build a consistent £5k/month freelance business

Are you a dev who’s amazing at the technical stuff but not so good at the business stuff?

Does the thought of sales and marketing make you shudder? Does schmoozing new clients sound like your idea of hell?

That’s OK.

We were never taught the right way to do it. All we ever see, all we ever remember, are people doing it badly.

That’s why I’m here to help.

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You can approach your business just like any other problem

That means doing your research, trying stuff out and analysing the results.

Marketing isn’t hand-wavy magic. It’s just test and measure.

Sales isn’t sleazy persuasion. It’s just asking the right questions.

And making a profit isn’t greed. It’s just one vehicle for you to live a decent, fulfilling life.

It took me years to learn these simple lessons.

But learning those things transformed my life and meant that my software business stopped eating away at my time and causing me stress and misery. And instead started becoming the place where I could do what I loved, writing fantastic code, for people who appreciated the work I was doing.

Even better, I found out that I love it when I can help other people learn their way through the same business minefield.

Building a business that supports you and your life is an essential. It’s not enough to just muddle through, it’s not enough to be constantly anxious and worry about your future, and it’s definitely not enough when your business is leading you to burn out and beyond.

Getting your business functioning properly gives you the time, space and energy to focus on the things that matter to you. Instead of wasting your attention on distractions and busy work, instead of sacrificing your talents on things that just don’t count, you can concentrate on having a massive impact – on yourself and the people around you. All whilst doing what you love.

Read on for ways we can work together.

I’ve been working with Baz for a while now and I’m so excited about the changes his systems are making to my business. Profit First really works and takes so much stress out of every day things. Unbelievable ROI that you can really see”

Judith Marples, Successemy

Work with me

The Freelance Action Plan

A ten week guided programme to design and implement the five pillars of a successful business. Unlike online training courses, where you sign up, watch the first few videos and then forget about it, this programme is interactive. I give you a simple task each day and check in with you when you’re struggling. Everything’s delivered through a message board; you don’t need to waste time every day watching long-winded PowerPoint videos. But if you do need to speak to me, you can message me directly or book a daily “office hours” call.

This fully engaged programme costs £649/month (plus U.K. VAT). You will be given tasks that guide your business forwards plus, importantly, you will be held accountable to ensure you make good progress.

The Five Pillars

If you’re just looking for help with one of the five pillars of running a business, you can choose an individual programme. These are run as interactive daily tasks, delivered over the course of two weeks.

Each programme costs £249/month (plus VAT) and include ongoing access to the course materials and accountability checks to ensure you keep moving forwards.

Instant Assessment

A one hour financial health check on your business. We look at where the cash is flowing today, where it need to be flowing and you get to ask me anything you need to know about moving your business forwards.

Just £99 (inc VAT)

The ebooks

My ebooks show you the five fundamental pillars of building a resilient, consistent, business. So if you’re happy doing it yourself and choosing your own path, they’re a perfect place to get started, for just £27.

How to build a resilient business

A free half hour video with three tasks you can do today to build some resilience into your business.

Marketing for people who hate marketing

A free, quick and easy worksheet designed to get you your marketing fundamentals in place – even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

What people say about me

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Want to know more?

Start by downloading your free copy of “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz, using the form below. This best-selling book shows you how to manage your cashflow so your business supports you and gives you the security you are looking for.

Then get some dream clients lined up by “writing proposals that convert into sales”. If the £27 ebook isn’t enough, I’ve got a step by step course that shows you exactly how to bring the high value projects to your door. 

While others retreat, you can stride forwards. 

Live a stress-free, hassle-free life doing the things that you love

Your business can become the safe, reliable engine for the life that you really want.

Quite frankly, it is brilliant, freeing up more time for staff and myself

Sean McLean, Key West Pest Control
Profit First Professional